Ask Yourself. Do You Feel in Control? Are You Living on Autopilot or Intention?

One of the Biggest shifts I am making to my life is actually living and action with a firm intention on what I want and where I am going.

As an Ex-Corporate Employee, it was easy to get caught up in the daily business of going to work and coming home everyday.

Man, was that life boring, draining and totally non-productive to my personal vision and purpose that I have to be in this world.

Now I have ALWAYS kept a shit tone of notebooks and journals.  In fact, I am probably considered to be a journal junky.  My dad use to always called me a bag lady because I never left without a bag and a pen.  And to this day, I still do the same things.

Now on to business:

I got the idea of actually posting my personal goals and vision from Stefan, of Project Life Mastery.  If you don't know who this is, then go check him.

Stefan started posting his goals as accountability for himself and I plan to do the same.  He also goes into depth about how he learned to do this from Tony Robbins' Program.

Before Quitting my job, it was absolutely important that I get in total clarity around the life I was meant to live and the reason I was put on this world.

When you are in a 9 to 5, you pretty much know exactly what you can do and what your schedule will be, how much money you will make for the whole year because your job sets all of that in stone.

You see, I realized in every waking moment of my life, I wasn't in control.  I didn't truly own my life. I'm not talking about just making some vision board full of pictures. Noooo, I'm talking about really identifying the overall goal, the feelings I want to have, the people I want to people meet and the experiences I want to have. 

To Do This Is Was Important To First Know The Following:

  1. What my Ultimate Vision was...
  2. What my Ultimate Purpose was...

Additionally, I what I need to do every 30-days, 90-days and Yearlyto help move me closer to obtaining my overall vision of life for myself and my family.

And to do this I had to have a real deep dive conversation with myself and in that I discovered the following:

My Ultimate Purpose: 

To build a Massive Fuckin' Personal Brand filled by Mainstream Fame & Media, get famous for being me, make a shit ton of money and live location free while impacting millions and becoming a household name when it comes to Business, Lifestyle, Motivation & Personal Development.  My mission is to teach, train, educate and inspire a movement of people who want to shift the trajectory of their future and create a life that they own.

My Ultimate Vision

  1. Health & Fitness
    1. To be able to look in the mirror and love the person I see
    2. To walk into any store and be able to fit any outfit I choose confidently
    3. To walk up in the morning refreshed without the need of make up
  2. Fun, Travel, Social & Relationships
    1. To be able to afford the best schooling and education for my son and daughter
    2. To have a trusting, happy, adventurous and loving relationship with my husband, that produces a lifetime of experiences and laughter.
    3. To create a new circle of friends that are doing well, live well and mean well.
    4. Travel with Travelnoire to Marrakech
    5. Travel with Travelnoire to Salvador
    6. Travel with Travelnoire to Johannesburg
    7. Travel with Travelnoire to Zanzibar
    8. Travel with Travelnoire to Bali
    9. Travel with Travelnoire to Cape Town
    10. Travel with Travelnoire to Amalfi Coast
    11. Travel with Travelnoire to Cuba
    12. Learn to Fly a Plane
    13. To Travel to Dubai
    14. To Travel to Malaysia
    15. To Travel to Brazil
    16. To travel to South Africa
    17. To Travel to China
    18. To Travel to Columbia
    19. To learn how to swim - Don't laugh
    20. To learn to skydive
    21. To learn to shoot and get my license
    22. Learn Photography & Video
  3. Financial Goals
    1. To never worry about money again or where it's going to come from
    2. To be clear of any old/outstanding debts and expenses.
    3. To become the first person in my family to succeed as an Entrepreneur and become apart of the 1% in America.
    4. To create a highly known Digital & Lifestyle Brand that has reach the 7-figure mark through my digital training, education, consulting and speaking activities.
    5. To build a $250,000 per year Digital Agency
    6. To create a $5,000,000 Passive Real Estate Portfolio
    7. To build a 1 million dollar personal brand & virtual training center.
    8. To purchase some land and build my very first home
  4. Business Goals
    1. Own a Creative Studio Location
    2. To build a Massive Fucking Brand and get paid being me.
    3. To reach and help 1,000,000 people use their skills, talents, experience and abilities to shift into a life they live and own
    4. To become a Real Estate Developer
    5. To own several brick and mortar businesses /franchises that bring in a total revenue of $1,000,000 per year or more net profit
    6. To appear on the cover of and inside several Magazines for Lifestyle, Women and Business
    7. To become a Lifestyle Media Mogul, Investor & Brand Entrepreneur
    8. To become a highly paid and requested international speaker & trainer
    9. To be an internationally known bestselling author
    10. To Work with Allyson Byrd
    11. To Work with Cat Howell
    12. To Work with Julie Stoian
    13. To Work with Vince Reed
    14. To Work with Kat Loterzo
    15. To Work with The Genius Network
    16. To Work with Jay Morrison
    17. To Work with Russell Brunson
  5. Mind, Emotions, Spiritual Goals
    1. To be awakened and conscious
    2. To Meditate Daily
    3. To express gratitude daily
  6. Contribution Goals
    1. To help raise, educate, inspire, motivate & shift the lives of as many children as possible in my lifetime and help better prepare them for the life they have ahead of them.*****

So There You Have It.  I Have Laid Out My Plan. But I Would Love To Here It From You.

Time to Put this into Action for yourself and your family.

So now it's your turn.

First: Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is Your Ultimate Vision for Your Life?
  • What is Your Ultimate Purpose for Your Life?

Next, Describe Your Purpose for each of the Categories Below:

  1. Health and Fitness Goals
  2. Fun, Social, and Relationship Goals
  3. Financial Goals
  4. Business Goals
  5. Mind & Spiritually Goals
  6. Contribution Goals

Next you will go through and create a 30-day. 90-day and 1-year Action Plan to help you move forward to getting closer or achieving your goal.

For Example: Your Ultimate Financial Goal is to have a 700 create score and the 90 day or yearly action would be paying your bills on time, getting a secured card to add history and boost your score.

Last You must revisit these monthly actions to ensure you are moving toward the right direction.

Well I hope you enjoyed this first report and I can't wait to see yours.  Be sure to comment below and let me know if this post brought more clarity to setting your life up for intention.

Remember it's your life, so own it and do something different.


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