The Shift Shop is designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating your own income through digital marketing by selling your products, services or knowledge through the skills of paid advertising, sales funnels and automation to position yourself for predictable income and consistent cashflow.



Free 30-Minute Digital Audit Power Session

We'll review your current digital assets, and traffic methods, provide feedback and resources and an updated plan of action to position your digital to find more customers, make make money and runs almost on autopilot.


Do-It-Yourself 8-week Video Business Program

Learn everything you need to get online fast, build an audience, sell your stuff to create new money and sustain your economy.  This academy is all about creating new income streams and reclaiming your financial confidence so that you never have to worry about money or where it's going to come from again.

How to physically create a fully functional PPC advertising campaign including video & image ads, landing pages, sales pages, automated email campaigns, automated text campaigns, and everything in between.

A comprehensive online video academy that gives you the step-by-step strategy, software, systems and how-to's to taking your experience, skills and expertise and turn it into a tangible product that's ready to be purchased online and in person.

We'll show you how to get everything up and running without spending a fortune.  Build a digital infrastructure made to run almost on autopilot, create new income streams and monetize your mind.



Done-With-You Live 2-Day Digital Implementation Workshop

Creating Your Own Fame & Stalking Your Ideal Customers: A $5 a day strategy that you can implement to be everywhere your customers are. How to become an affordable celebrity a.k.a. how to be the go-to person in your niche and be everywhere that your audience is. Just think, everytime someone logs into YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram they will see your smiling face and buy your $h!t.



Done-For-You Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels and Launches

Ready to Grow Your Visibility, Collect New Leads, Sell Your Stuff and Launch Your Brand Faster. You’ll learn the basics of Facebook Ads in 5 modules meant to give you a full and complete skill set that you can then turn around and market, and snag a few bonus resources and swipe files.