Hello! I’m Jenni, and I am the owner of Jenni International Inc., a digital education & self-development company.  I'm the founder of Jenni Is Digital, Inc, a digital agency & support to Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners who want to scale-up your visibility, impact & income right... online!

I'm the creator of Digital Power Academy, a virtual training program & #DigitalFromScratch, an 8-week online group intensive that helps people learn the skills needed to create a real income from the internet.


After working for 2-top digital marketing agency's and a online business software company to over 50,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs - I began using this experience to help other aspiring and growing entrepreneurs use the internet to play bigger online.

Today, I support, train & teach Expert Brand Owners, Digital Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders & Influencers how to bring your income to life online through the power of digital marketing, sales funnel strategies and social media paid advertising.

You are here to LEARN about self-development, intentional living, digital marketing, online branding, promotions, campaigning, marketing, business development and all that juicy stuff as it pertains to getting things done in the digital world so you can take those skills and learn to make an INCOME from the INTERNET to sustain you lifestyle and position a foundational platform so that you never have to worry about money or where it's going to come from again.