Hi, you can call me Jenni, but my Gov't Name is Jennifer Mowatt-Gaddis & I'm here to show Everyday People like you how to shift into a life you own by bringing your income to life online.

Little did I know, everything I was made to do started January 28, 2003, with my son,  Jireh.

My life's experiences took me many places that made me eventually redirect my personal path to learning how to create a life that I truly owned

From 9 to 5 day jobs that wouldn't promote me, made me do overtime, wouldn't increase my pay to help keep up with the economy or wouldn't allow me to take needed days off and most important, I was on a journey that gave me the ability to find a way to give my children and my husband more of my time and be able to leave something behind.

Today, I am a mother of two now, a wife and an entrepreneur looking to help more people make their shift.  A shift that allows you to create your own money, finance your economy and sustain your lifestyle so you can truly own the world around you. A lifestyle that allows you to wake up in the morning and plan your own day, not someone else in control from 5am to sun down.


I Help expert Brands, Service Based Business Owners, infopreneurs, thought leaders and influencers Launch your perfect digital system to create an income from anywhere in the world...even if you're just starting from scratch.


You are here to LEARN about self-development, intentional living, digital marketing, online branding, promotions, campaigning, marketing, business development and all that juicy stuff as it pertains to getting things done in the digital world so you can take those skills and learn to make an INCOME from the INTERNET to sustain you lifestyle and position a foundational platform so that you never have to worry about money or where it's going to come from again.

The Shift CULTure, Core Concepts & Beliefs of JenniTV and The Make Your Shift Podcast

When you commit to your SHIFT you are committing to...


For most people, the biggest thing that they think is holding them back is their financial ability.  In reality, the biggest thing that is holding you back is the way you think and the daily actions you take. Therefore, we focus heavily on teaching you how SHIFT Your thinking.


With that in mind, I want to share the exact three-step formula, I call the Shift Method, that I have started using to shift into a life I truly own, that you can use too:

  1. Create New Money - Start a business by bringing your income to life online (which is why you are here)

  2. Investment Money - Invest your profits into a "hands-off" income stream

  3. Big Money - Live off the profits of Your Seed Money and re-invest into long-term wealth

How to Get Started

Your road to freedom starts with the decision to live life differently. Here are a few ways for you to put yourself on the path toward freedom.

  1. Listen to the "How to Shift Into a Life Your Truly Own" Free Audio Download and PDF. Download this free audio training to learn three simple strategies that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to build your dreams, on your terms.
  2. Subscribe to the Jennifer Gaddis Podcast: So You Can Listen on the Go, where I give daily insights and advice on what it really takes to create new money, finance your freedom and shift into a life you own.
  3. Subscribe to our weekly video episodes of JenniTV: Where we have quality conversations about business, life and money for people making a real shift.
  4. Learn how to work with me: In a 30-minute Digital Power Session, we identify your moneyplan, audit your systems and plan a strategy to launch a digital business that gives you visibility, customers and income.
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I'm the Creator of JenniTv, CEO of Jenni Is Digital Inc, a Digital Marketing Agency, Founder of Jenni International, an Entrepreneurial Virtual Training & Digital Education Company to People Who want to Master the Skills Needed to sustain your income & own your world.

As an First Generation Entrepreneur in my family, I know what you are going through, nothing has been passed down to you, you're currently living a life that doesn't feel good or feels like a lie, your family doubts you, your friends don't understand, you have no real support and your soul is itching for something new.  It can be a lonely journey, but you're not alone. You are ready to shift.

So my mission is simple... to teach 1,000,000 entrepreneurial thinkers, dreamers and doers the skillsets needed use the internet to sustain your income and own your world.

So, Are You Ready To Shift Your Life & Own Your World?  Download this free audio training to learn three simple strategies that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to start your journey to truly take control on your world and create a life you own.