We're Ready to Help You Automate Your Business Systems and Implement Your Online Marketing Strategies.

Let Us Take Care Of The Technical Headaches, Saving You A Lot Of Hassle And Time While You Focus On Marketing And Product Development!

In this Discovery Session We'll:

  • Have a 30-Minute Phone or Skype Session: We can go ol’ fashioned and have a simple phone call together, or we can get alil more personal and Skype for some personal face time. Your call!

  • To be sure you are a good fit for LaunchedGirl Media: We will cover your business goals, where you are now, where you want to be and how LaunchedGirl Media can Support you.

  • Receive a Personalized Discovery Session Review & Next Steps Blueprint: Receive a personalized blue print to map out exactly what steps you need to take in order to generate more leads, more clients, and more cash and implement the right business systems and technology in your business right away. Based upon our call and your needs, Our team will create a custom digital implementation and support package tailored to your business needs and goals.

Checkout The Systems & Tools We Work With...

Do What You Do Best & Delegate the Rest!  

If you are a Female Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Infopreneur or Small Business Owner then stop being overwhelmed with the you long list of to do's. LaunchedGirl.com is here to help you execute your vision while you work on the bigger picture of your business we will be taking care of the other moving parts.  Focus on what you love and let us take care of the technical stuff!

How We Can Help Support You and Your Business...

  • Blog Management & Editorial Calendar

  • Website Maintenance & Updating

  • Landing Page, Sales Page and Optin-In Form Set-up & Delivery

  • PDF Workbook Design

  • Copywriting*

  • Digital Program and Project Development

  • Optimized Facebook Ad Graphics

  • Basic Visual Graphics & Promotional Design for your website, banners, posts and more...

  • Email Marketing & Autoresponders

  • Email Sequencing Strategy & Set-up

  • Evergreen Campaign Funnels & Strategy*

  • Webinar Set-up, Moderation and Offer Strategy

  • Set-up Your Payment Gateways and Processing Systems

  • Social Media Post Management & Scheduling

  • Social Media Content Creation*

  • Social Media Customer Service

  • Based Video Editing, Uploading and Posting

  • Content Creation & Repurposing from your past content

  • and more...

So What Exactly Does That Mean We Can Do?

  • Create, Format and Post Your Topics and Design Graphics

  • Set-up the right Technology and Systems to run an effective Online Webinar or Workshop

  • Schedule your social media posts

  • Send out your email marketing messages to your list

  • Design and build your membership or website platform.

  • Help you set up and implement new tools and technology for your business

  • Create Social Media & Web Graphics

  • Create PDF's, Workbooks, ebooks, etc.

  • Create Landing Pages

  • Create pop-up optins for your website

  • Do minor updates and maintenance to your current site

  • Help you rebrand a new logo

  • Edit existing copy

  • Set up automation for your business

  • Set up mailing lists for your business

  • Brainstorm new products, programs and content ideas 

  • and more...

What You Will Receive When We Work Together as a Client:

  • A New Client Welcome Packet & Client Pricing, Project and Contract Agreements.
  • A Strategy call at the beginning of each month to review your upcoming projects, brainstorm new ideas and get on the same pages about your priorities for the month.  This call is about setting clear expectations regarding the deliverables, processes, timelines and any shared responsibilities.
  • One weekly follow-up call to discuss any tasks or concerns for the upcoming week.
  • A private workspace our my project management system, Asana, where we will collaborate on everything!
  • To protect the privacy of your online user accounts, it will be recommended that you install, LastPass, to your computer so our team can access any systems and programs that we will be using without having direct knowledge of your user account passwords.
  • A live report that shows much much time is left for the month and what we've worked up to that point. (Please note: Support packages and hours do not rollover.)
  • Customized support tailored to your needs to keep your business in action!

Ready To See If We're a Good Fit and How We Can Support Your Business? Then Let's Chat!

Custom Support Packages and Retainers may include Blog Management and Maintenance, Landing Page and Opt-in Creation, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Evergreen Marketing Funnels, Webinar Strategy and Set-up, Facebook Ad Set-up and Tweaking and Ongoing Technical Support, Workbook and PDF Design and Program or Service Launch Support.

*Emerge Level: is for the Entrepreneur or Business Owner who is just getting started and has a list of 0 to 1000 ideal clients and customers. You need Trigger magnets, visibility through email marketing and ongoing support.

*Evolve Level: is for the Entrepreneur or Business who already has built a list of over 1000+ ideal clients and customers and has some visibility and is ready to create a product or service offering an is in need of consistent visibility and advanced marketing systems and effective copywriting.

*Expand: is for the Entrepreneur or Business Owner who has an active platform of ideal clients and customers, you are ready to do a full launch of your product or service and need a strategy and implementation support to make your launch happen through targeted paid advertisement and social media marketing.

All package agreements include: Ongoing, month-to-month support, Pre-paid hours prior to starting work, Auto-pay setup (monthly) and no roll over hours.

To ensure that you are not a robot and very serious about working us me there is a non-refundable deposit of $27 (yes, I said twenty seven dollars) to schedule your time to chat with me and ensure that you will be available for your reserved call time! This Discovery Session is not an advice session.  Our chat will be all about where your business is, where you want to be and how LaunchedGirl Media can support you.

When Looking For Outside Support To Help With Your Business, Always Remember, Cheap Can Be Expensive.
— Jenni